Terms of publication

We accept articles for (Vol.6 (№1), 2023) of the journal. Deadline – 30.06.2023.

For publication of articles you should send necessary materials by email to the Editor:

1. It is necessary to send the article and the author’s information to the journal’s editorial office at wayscience@ukr.net. The file names must match the author’s last name. For example: Shevchenko’s article, Shevchenko’s information.

2. After a successful review, the editorial staff of the journal responds with the following information: “Article is accepted”.

3. The next step is to pay an organizational fee and send a receipt on payment. For example: Shevchenko payment.

4. After the journal is filled, its publication is made on the website http://www.wayscience.com and sent by e-mail to the authors.

General requirements for design:

1. The article is issued on a sheet of A4 format (210×297 mm) (saving a file in the format * .doc or * .docx).
2. Orientation: book.
3. Fields: all sides 2 cm
4. Paragraph: 1.25 cm
5. Interline interval: one and a half.
6. Font size: 14 Times New Roman.
7. Transfer arrangement: not used.
8. Numbering pages: not used.
9. Drawings and spreadsheets: should be submitted immediately after the text is mentioned for the first time or on the next page. All drawings should be accompanied by signature signatures, and the tables should have headers (orientation of the table headings to the right). The size of the font for the tabular text: the font: 10-12 “Times New Roman”. The landscape version of drawings and tables is not used.
10. Formulas: an internal formula editor in Microsoft Word.
11. References: in square brackets in the text [1, p. 2], the list of references is presented at the end of the text in alphabetical order or in the order of references. References submitted in the format APA Style Reference Citations. If the source is in Ukrainian or Russian and does not have the original author’s translation, it is necessary to transliterate it (for example, using https://translit.net/).
12. The volume of the article: from 7 to 25 pages.


The editors of the journal have the right to make literary editing of materials. The editorial staff reserves the right to reject an article that does not meet the requirements or subject matter of the journal. The editorial staff of the magazine is not responsible for the content of the articles and may not share the author’s opinion.


Structure of the article:

1. Surname and initials of the author (or authors) (bold type), degree, title, position (optional, ID (orcid, phone number and email address for correspondence), institution’s name (place of work), (normal font) Language: English.
2. Article title in capital letters (bold type). Language: English
3. Abstract (1800 characters) and keywords (5-15 words). Language: English (The word “Abstract”, “Keywords” is italic, the font is bold. The text of the Abstract, the keywords are italics, the font is normal).
4. The main text of the article. Language – English.
5. References.


Elements of the main text of the article:

1. Formulation of the problem.
2. Analysis of recent research and publications.
3. The purpose and objectives of the article.
4. Main text
5. Conclusions and perspectives of further development.

Author’s reference

Full Name
Place of work or training
Position, academic degree, academic rank
Information about a scientific supervisor (in the absence of a scientific degree)
Contact phone and e-mail address of the author of article
Research interests
Section for the publication of article
The author agrees to the use of published materials by the International Electronic  Scientific and Practical Journal “WayScience”, international scientific electronic libraries, and other science-computer databases in the open access of the Internet (it is necessary to indicate “yes”)