2nd conference (4-5 February 2021)

CONFERENCE IS COMPLETED !!! THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATION! (distribution and publication of materials of the conference – 15.02.2021). Download:



We invite you to take part in the 2nd International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference “Integration of Education, Science and Business in Modern Environment: Winter Debates”, devoted to the search for the latest ideas for the development of state at the international, national and regional levels.

The conference – February 4-5, 2021 (Dnipro, Ukraine).

Topics cover all sections of the International Electronic Scientific and Practical Journal “WayScience”, namely:

– public administration;

– philosophical sciences;

– economic sciences;

– historical sciences;

– legal sciences;

– agricultural sciences;

– geographic sciences;

– pedagogical sciences;

– psychological sciences;

– sociological sciences;

– political sciences;

– philological sciences;

– technical sciences;

– medical sciences;

– chemical sciences;

– biological sciences;

– physical and mathematical sciences;

– other professional sciences.


Form of participation – distance.

Link to invitation letter:

Conference 4-5.02.2021 (ENG)

Conference 4-5.02.2021 (RUS)